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2018 Receipt for registration

Posted by North Simcoe Soccer Club at Jun 27, 2018 11:01AM PDT

Attached is a generic receipt for the 2018 North Simcoe Soccer Club participant registration, should you require.

North Simcoe Soccer Club Executive

The document NORTH_SIMCOE_SOCCER_CLUB__recipet.pdf was attached to this post.

Hello Junior league

It is our last night of play for the Junior League.
It has been a great season and for the most part, the weather has cooperated.

I’ve been having some troubles with the email application on Team Pages and been unable to receives emails for some time. If you have sent me something and I have not replied, please send again directly to myself at

We are recruiting convenors and coaches for next year, if you have an interest or want to learn more please contact myself and Lee Jeannotte at

Tonight we will be having a round of quick games,, with no practice. First 20 minute game is as follows:

Field D— Red vs Silver
Field E— Green vs yellow

Second 20 minute game is as follows:

Field D -Green vs Red
Field E -
Yellow vs Silver

AWARDS to follow


Hello soccer parents:

I would like to provide an update in relation to Tim Horton’s retail locations providing free lemonade to child players, wearing Tim Horton’s sponsored uniforms.

Several years ago, legislation came into affect, which prohibited Corporations to market directly to children., supplying free lemonade to children, fell into this category.

Unfortunately, there has been mixed messages to parents, and most recently, our local Tim Horton stores, may not have been aware of the Corporate policy. We have clarified the issue with Tim Horton’s Corporate today and we would like everyone to be aware that:

Tim Horton’s is a generous sponsor for the North Simcoe Soccer Club, specifically children in Learn to Play, Beginner and Junior leagues, providing uniforms, mini balls, medals and supplies for our season wrap up. They must adhere to government legislation and cannot provide free products to our child soccer players.
They are responsible corporate citizens and we appreciate their contributions to our soccer league.

Kind Regards
Lee Jeannotte
North Simcoe Soccer Club

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May 21 is a Soccer night

Posted by Junior (Grade 2-3) at May 14, 2018 5:58PM PDT ( 0 Comments )

Pictures went well tonight, they will be handed out by coaches when we get them.
Please note: though it is a statutory holiday next week on Monday May 21st we will be game on as usual.

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late night

Posted by Junior (Grade 2-3) at May 14, 2018 1:58PM PDT ( 0 Comments )

Because tonight is picture night, it make take a little longer than 7pm to get them done.