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Posted by Paula Quinn on May 07 2018 at 05:52AM PDT in 2018

Good Morning parents/guardians/coaches

Hope everyone has been enjoying this beautiful weather that has finally come our way. I am messaging each of you to let you know that the Town of Midland has granted us access to the fields, which means we will start the spring season this Wednesday May 9th at 5:55 pm.

The first night is always a little bit busier than the rest. If everyone can ensure that they arrive on time (or even a couple of minutes before) that would be great. Coaches will be given all items for your child. They should receive a team shirt (in their teams colour), black shorts and black socks. All of these items are handed out by the coaches on the field location that they will be playing that night. Please be patient with your coaches. Each of them has volunteered to help coach your child’s team, they deserve all the support and kindness they can get.

Please check the team listings and game location image to find out where your son/daughter will be playing the first night. I have posted both on team pages, as well I will ensure there is a posted list at the fields for you to refer to.

Also, ensure that your child has proper foot wear. Cleats are not required, regular running shoes are just great. They should bring something to hydrate themselves with too. Be mindful of the weather. Even if it is raining we will play, however, if the weather is too bad, I will post on teampages what the decision has been regarding games. We also play in cooler weather, so please bring a sweater or toque if needed.

I am looking forward to seeing everyone this week. If you have any questions, please just let me know.
Thank you

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